Electroceuticals Products

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Blue Light Colloidal Metallic Silver Generator (BOX) $333

Your Lunasol Colloidal Metallic Silver Generator will produce over 50% Colloidal Metallic Silver particles at a concentration of approximately 6 ppm

Hulda Clarks Parasite Zapper (BOX) $259

THE PARASITE ZAPPER Based on the research findings of Hulda Clark as outlined in her book: "The Cure for All Diseases" Hulda Clark discovered

Kalaya Pain Relieving Stimulator/Neuromodulator (BOX) $350

The healing waves of electricity tickle or tingle as they penetrate deeply into the nerves. This replaces the pain signals and encourages the healing processes. This may quickly produce the feeling of analgesia (lack of pain) similar to taking strong non-prescription painkiller. This device is a non-invasive electronic stimulator that encourages the body to synthesise and release neurotransmitters in a normal physiological manner. It may also help to relieve insomnia, and depression, general pain relief and has other essential attributes.